All of our throws are designed and handmade by Dina...never outsourced. If you see one that strikes your fancy, grab it! Limited quantities available.

Welcome to Snug Blankets

Welcome to Snug Blankets, home of the world's softest jersey knit blankets. Each Snug Blanket is personally designed by Dina, curator of softness, quality and love...all wrapped up in a blanket.




Our newest throw blanket

The perfect blanket to rock this summer!

It's always summer in Arizona, and we eat ice cream all year long!  This adorable lightweight throw is perfect for summer, or any time you want to take the edge off of a chilly room.  Pink, brown, red, white, teal, yellow, and light green accented frozen treats dance playfully on a solid off-white background.  The backing features a solid royal purple.

Ultra soft. Handmade in Arizona.


Crazy good blankets. Soft and stretchy like a great t-shirt, and so toasty. My wife got me one for my bday. The packaging was classy, and such nice bright colors. You get the feeling the people making these take a lot of pleasure and pride in what they do. Keep it up!

Dave A

I love my Snug blanket! It is just the right weight to use on these cool winter days while reading or watching TV. The material is so soft and the blankets are so well made. I'm sure we will be enjoying it for years to come!

Lisa K

Living in New England during the winter means trying to stay warm at all times. I ordered myself a Snug and I just love it. It came beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous, colorful, SOFT fabric. It even smelled great. It's an extra big blanket that now travels room-to-room with me. This Snug was made with care and it's the perfect present for anyone but especially anyone who needs extra warmth or an extra hug. My only wish is that the site was live before Xmas! Thank you Snug!

Carrie B

My favorite blanket ever! I'm in bed snuggling with it as I write this! It will be my go to present to give as gifts from now on :) LOVE

Elizabeth M

We gave our youngest the coolest Snug blanket for his b-day, it's his favorite! It's so soft and comfy, he sleeps wrapped up in it every night! Thank you Snug! We'll be ordering more soon!

Whitney S

Perfect weight, adorable bright colors, and
amazingly soft

Shelli E

I LOVE my SNUG blanket and refer to it as a baby blanket for adults! It is so soft and perfect for Arizona weather. My almost 2 year old will reach for it when I am holding her if I don't have it on top of us and my husband keeps stealing it. I will definitely be getting them both one of their own! It was also the perfect road trip blanket on the drive to and from Utah over Christmas. It will be going with me whenever I travel. Seriously...get yourself a SNUG!.

LaDawn P