About our blankets

Snug Family

First and foremost, let's make one thing clear...these are not fleece.  You won't find them at Walgreens.  They don't have sleeves.

These are designer blankets made from the highest quality fabric that I can find, and people love them.  And you've probably never felt anything quite like my amazingly soft Snug blanket.

A Snug blanket is a very soft, lightweight, double-sided blanket or wrap. I scour the globe for the softest lightweight fabric I can find.  If the fabric doesn't pass my softness test, I won't use it.  The jersey knit Snug blanket fabric I work with is typically a blend of rayon, polyester, cotton, and lycra.  I wash the fabric, prep it, and personally make each individual Snug myself.  This may sound corny, but I put a lot of love into each and every Snug I make.  

If you're looking for a super insulated blanket to pile on top of your bed in the thick of a Minnesota winter, then a Snug blanket might not be the ticket for you.  But if you're looking for a soft and comfortable wrap that stretches and conforms to your body...a light blanket to take the edge off of a cool room while reading, watching a movie, or snuggling with someone you love, then this is exactly what you need.

Order a Snug blanket today.  I can pretty much guarantee that you'll fall in love with each other.

PS:  If you're interested in a different size, or a particular print with a different backing, let me know via the contact page. I'll be happy to let you know pricing and availability.  Thanks for your interest in Snug Blankets!