You win some & you lose some. The saga of the ASU blanket

Well, you win some & you lose some (the ASU blanket saga)

A week or so ago, I ran a poll to see if my blanket fans who are also NCAA sports fans might be interested in a Snug blanket made with their school colors.  Why you ask?  Well, one gentleman in particular contacted me and asked for a Snug blanket draped in his school colors (full disclosure:  the dude was an ASU fan, and it can occasionally get a little hot here in the Grand Canyon State.  He told me he always wraps up in a blanket on his couch whenever he watches TV...fall, winter, spring and yes, even in the hellaciously hot desert summer.  So in AZ, a Snug blanket is your ticket, my friend).  

I visited SO MANY fabric distributors to find fabric with ASU colors in it, and we had zero luck (seriously, we searched not only our local distributors, but also our distribution partners in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA).  Zero, zilch, nada!

So, it was time to take matters into my own hands.  I thought, "hmmm, why not buy white fabric and do a little Sun Devil tie dye project?"  I was so proud of myself for being brave and going full DIY, and I excitedly set out to buy fabric, dye, etc.  I had a little bit of fun trying my hand at dyeing fabric.

Unfortunately, the outcome was less than stellar.  In fact, I'd call it an epic fail!  But hey, I tried.  You can see the results for yourself below, but rest assured that I won't be selling this tie dye "AS...ewww blanket" anytime soon.  But I'll continue to search for high quality Devil fabric.  And if you want a blanket featuring your school colors, let me know on my contact page.

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